I am a custom fine furniture and kitchen cabinet maker in Gainesville, Florida. We custom make contemporary, mid century modern to traditional shaker style kitchen cabinets. I also design and make fine hand crafted furniture. Please take time to look at the portfolio, blog and google reviews.

Fine Furniture
Custom Cabinets
Full Remodels

Commitment To Quality

Made in the USA
I am ethically dedicated to buying American-made products, anything and everything. I personally feel that when I buy something, I am responsible for bringing the object into the world. I am responsible for its existence FOREVER, in my home and in the landfill. It takes a terrible amount of time to find something of quality; try buying a made in the USA toaster oven… I build quality custom furniture, and I make it with pride in Gainesville, Florida (and I can make it affordably).

Eco Policy
I try my best to be a good steward of our environment. The shop is lit mainly by sky-lights, and we use efficient lighting as needed. Another portion of our power (2400 watts per hour) comes from an array of solar panels. I am happy to use Low Voc glues and finishes and formaldehyde-free substrates. I try to be conscientious about where and how my materials are sourced. I am constantly evolving this side of my woodworking.

October 10, 2015 by jasonstraw 

I moved from Florida to Denver in 2007; I was following a girlfriend, a dream and an expectation of...

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Toolish Romance
August 25, 2015 by jasonstraw 

When I first started to learn how to make furniture I was helpless. I knew how to use power tools from...

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Logical Progression
May 16, 2015 by jasonstraw 

In 2009 I came back to Gainesville from California. I just spent three years paying my craftsman’s...

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