I am a custom fine furniture and kitchen cabinet maker in Gainesville, Florida. We can custom make contemporary, mid century modern influenced to traditional shaker style wood work. I design, build, deliver and install one of a kind excellent quality woodwork. After years of specializing in historic home remodeling, I found myself becoming interested in more sensitive work. In my pursuits, I was able to apprentice with an art deco furniture designer and builder, Jeff Newell, in Denver, CO. Then, I was accepted into the Fine Woodworking program at the College Of The Redwoods, the school James Krenov founded. I spent two very intense years, including multiple workshops, shows, and competitions, working for Brian Newell and having a remarkable time. Now, I am back in Florida, working with the sensitive eyes and hands of a furniture maker.

Fine Furniture
Custom Cabinets
Full Remodels

Commitment To Quality

Made in the USA
I am ethically dedicated to buying American-made products, anything and everything. I personally feel that when I buy something, I am responsible for bringing the object into the world. I am responsible for its existence FOREVER, in my home and in the landfill. It takes a terrible amount of time to find something of quality; try buying a made in the USA toaster oven… I build quality custom furniture, and I make it with pride in Gainesville, Florida (and I can make it affordably).

Eco Policy
I try my best to be a good steward of our environment. The shop is lit mainly by sky-lights, and we use efficient lighting as needed. Another portion of our power (2400 watts per hour) comes from an array of solar panels. I am happy to use Low Voc glues and finishes and formaldehyde-free substrates. I try to be conscientious about where and how my materials are sourced, but I cannot claim sainthood in this area. I am constantly evolving this side of my woodworking.

Toolish Romance
August 25, 2015 by jasonstraw 

When I first started to learn how to make furniture I was helpless. I knew how to use power tools from...

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Logical Progression
May 16, 2015 by jasonstraw 

In 2009 I came back to Gainesville from California. I just spent three years paying my craftsman’s...

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Japan Tour
April 6, 2015 by jasonstraw 

A couple of years ago I went to Japan with my good friend and woodworking mentor Brain Newell. Brian...

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